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How To Put On A Faja Colombiana

How To Put On A Faja Colombiana

Rosie Garcia |

The first time you try to put on a faja colombiana it might seem like an impossible task. You will need practice and patience. 

There are some important points to always keep in mind. Always step in your faja. Never put in through your head first. You don't want it to get stuck on your shoulders area making it hard to put on or take off. If you are using it for post surgery always select a faja that you can put on and close instead of one with no zipper that you have to roll up your body. The first time you wear a faja colombiana you might have a wear it for a few hours at a time and keep increasing the time until you get use to it. Do not wear your everyday Colombian girdle while you sleep. When you sleep you want your body to relax and rejuvenate without the compression. 

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