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Colombian girdles lift your tail and give you voluptuousness ❤️

Las fajas colombianas levanta cola logran darte voluptuosidad ❤️

Lucy Martinez |

Colombian girdle lifts tail to enhance your figure

Whether in jeans, a skirt, a dress or pants made of any fabric, you always want to look proportionate and with a striking figure that highlights your buttocks, without making them seem exaggerated, but in just the right amount.

If you feel that your buttocks can look even better, the best alternative is to take advantage of the advantages offered by Colombian butt lifter girdles. 

Girdles have transcended throughout history, they have gone from being hard corsets that, although they stylized the figure, took the breath away; to become pieces made with fabrics whose technology manages to provide different levels of compression to fulfill a purpose for each figure.

As for the Colombian girdle industry, it has managed to perfect the design, production and use of textiles to make the best girdles on the market. 

Show off an ideal figure with the best Colombian butt lifter girdle

Shapewear is used as an undergarment that hides what you feel does not benefit you, such as rolls and fat in the waist, hips, legs, upper and lower abdomen and back, achieving the figure you want to achieve in seconds. 

Beyond hiding and disguising those areas that worry you, Colombian butt lifter girdles manage to give voluptuousness to that part of the body to make you look spectacular with your favorite jeans, joggers, jumpsuits or dresses.

To achieve this, the tissues around the buttocks reinforce the area, allowing the tail to rise and stand out. The most modern Colombian butt lifter girdles do not include padding, on the contrary, they seek to take advantage of your own buttocks, highlighting what you already have and helping you look spectacular. 

A model for every need

The variety of models, textures, compression levels and the quality of the fabrics used in the manufacture of Colombian butt lifter girdles have made this garment an essential item in the wardrobe of every woman who wants to look great.

  • You can find short-type butt lifter girdles with spaces in the buttock area, which concentrate the compression in the upper part of the thighs.
  • There are also the butt-lifting panty girdles, with a spontaneous enhancement that makes your buttocks look natural, thanks to the internal compression.
  • The one-piece model with straps that manages to shape and lift the butt is also one of the most sought after, as it has a high level of compression, abdominal control, reduces the waist and shapes the buttocks. 

The best thing about Colombian butt lifter girdles is that they are made with hypoallergenic fabric; They are elastic, so they adapt to any type of figure; They are very comfortable and offer you freedom of movement, so you can wear them every day. 

The Colombian girdle industry understands the needs of each woman, which is why it sets trends in terms of designs and innovation in the fabrics and construction used, incorporating improvements in compression, ways of closing them, ventilation, etc.

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